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Who Is The Singer Of Rockefeller Street?

"Rockefeller Street" is a song written by Sven Lohmus performed by Estonian singer Getter Jaani. It was written to represent Estonia at the Eurovision Song contest 2011, [1] coming in 24th place.

What Is The History Of Rockefeller Street?

Added 2 years ago by Adam. Updated 28 days ago by Therz98. Rockefeller Street is a song by singer Getter Jaani for Eurovision 2011 that later became popular online after a Nightcore remix of the song went viral thanks to a video in which two Chinese men dance to the track.

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When Did Getter Jaani Release Roc Rockefeller Street (New Nightcore Remix)?

Due to all the attention the song received, Getter Jaani released an official high-quality ‘nightcore’ remix called "Rockefeller Street (New Nightcore Remix)" on December 14, 2018. [22] On January 9th, 2019, she held a small interview on Eesti Television (ETV), in which she talked about her song and its wide spread fame on the internet. [23]

How Many Views Does Rockefeller Street Get On Tiktok?

As of June 2019, the trend has accumulated over 84 million views under the TikTok hashtag #rockefellerstreet, [19] and over 2.3 million videos use the sample uploaded by @zee.456. [20] Eventually, on January 2019, an official trend under the hashtag #showtimechallenge was announced on TikTok, and has accumulated 43.8M views as of June 2019.

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